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Spouses and common-law partners can still apply for Canadian permanent residence under Spousal Sponsorship despite COVID-19 pandemic

IRCC will be accepting and processing the applications under spousal and common-law class sponsorship for applicants both in Canada and abroad. As a temporary reform in the policies and procedures amid coronavirus outbreak, IRCC will also accept incomplete applications in case you have not submitted any document due to disruption in services caused by coronavirus.

If you are applying under this program in near future and do not have any required document, you can still submit the application with detailed explanation about delays due to COVID-19. The incomplete applications will be kept for 90 days under review and you will be requested to submit the missing document if the application is incomplete even after 60 days of submission.

You will not be ineligible to sponsor your partner if you have been laid off and receiving social assistance for example, Employment Insurance benefits under current circumstances.

Immediate family members including spouses and common-law are exempt from travel restrictions which were imposed by Canadian government to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Spouses and common-law can travel to Canada after identifying themselves to airlines and their immediate family members’ status in Canada with supporting documents such as Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, PR card or Canadian passport and any other document proving their relationship. However, despite exemption, you will be able to board the plane only after you clear the health check conducted by airlines and do not exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19.

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