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New Entry/Exit Program Instructions from IRCC

The Entry/Exit Program allows for the collection and sharing of entry and exit information of travellers entering and departing from Canada. Access to entry and exit information in the Global Case Management System (GCMS) will be based on an employee’s security clearance and organizational requirements to carry out day-to-day work activities. IRCC will obtain accurate and objective entry and exit information from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to support the administration of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, the Citizenship Act and the Canadian Passport Order.

IRCC will be able to query the CBSA’s Entry/Exit Information System directly to

  • verify residency requirements to process an ongoing application to objectively verify the information provided by the client, such as applications for grants of citizenship (CIT) or permanent resident cards (PR cards)
  • verify if a temporary residence applicant may have previously overstayed their allowable period of admission in Canada
  • assist in an investigation into an individual’s entitlement to a Canadian travel document

In addition, IRCC will be able to use entry and exit information to

  • verify that sponsors are residing in Canada where required by law
  • verify relationships and compliance with conditions for spouses and partners applying or admitted under the family class
  • verify if a refugee claimant entered Canada using their travel documents
  • support investigations into possible fraud in relation to immigration, citizenship, and passport (PPT) and travel document programs
  • verify residency requirements to validate if a medical examination is required


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