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Canada – the best alternative after new immigration restrictions in United States

Canada – the best alternative after new immigration restrictions in United States

Despite the havoc the coronavirus has wreaked onto the global economy, Canada still recognizes that immigration supports the labour market and the country’s economic growth. The US president signed a new Executive Order to limit immigration to the United States for the rest of this year. The Executive Order takes effect on June 24, 2020 at 12:01 AM EDT and expires on December 31, 2020. America’s temporary ban on immigration and with the restrictions on permanent residency in the U.S., more people could eye Canada.

Immigration Matters: Growing Canada’s future

Thanks to immigration, Canada’s labour force continues to grow by a small amount every year. Immigrants help grow Canada’s future through their contribution to various industries. Because of its internationally recognized quality of life and post-secondary educational institutions, Canada attracts talent from around the world to help build the country’s economy and grow the science and technology sector. Immigrants account for 40% of computer programmers, 41% of engineers, 36% of all pharmacists and family physicians and more than 50% of all chemists.

Since 2015 to till date immigrants in Canada has increased by 26% whereas in US the immigration number has dropped by 7% from 2016 to 2018 and will continue to drop with new policies in place by the US government. According to the 2019-2021 multi-year levels plan released by IRCC, it plans to admit 341,000 new permanent residents in 2020 and another 350,000 in 2021.

Why Canada needs more immigration now?

Canada’s worker-to-retiree ratio is 4 to 1. By 2035, 5 million Canadians are set to retire, and some employers are already having trouble finding Canadian-born workers to fill jobs. Thus, Canada needs immigrants to stimulate Canada’s economy and support its fiscal standing.

Canada’s per capita immigration intake triple that of U.S.

Canada welcomes three times as many immigrants than the U.S. Canada has a population of about 38 million and is now welcoming around 340,000 immigrants per year (0.9% of its population) whereas the U.S. has a population of some 330 million and welcomes around 1.1 million immigrants per year (0.3% of its population). Nearly 60 per cent of Canada’s immigrants arrive under the economic class while U.S. admits about 10 per cent of its immigrants under this class.

Canada also offers Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) which allows international graduates to stay and work in Canada after completing their studies which further helps them to gain permanent residency in Canada. US on the other hand has a similar program Optional Practical Training program (OPT) allows graduates in the field of science, technology, engineering, and math to remain and work for up to 24 months in the U.S. after finishing their studies. However, US government has already imposed restrictions on H1B visa while restrictions on OPT program is also expected which may limit the pathway for both international students and skilled workers to permanent residency in US

Canada’s unwavering commitment to immigration during coronavirus pandemic

Though Canada has also enacted temporary restrictions on foreign travel as part of its efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus, Canada continues to demonstrate its commitment to the 2020-2022 Immigration Levels Plan that it announced in March 2020.

Canada is still allowing exempt immigrants, international students, and temporary foreign workers to enter the country. It has also announced more lenient measures to help accommodate immigration applicants who are not able to submit their complete documentation because of coronavirus-related disruptions.

The applications for permanent residence are still being approved and the federal and provincial governments are still holding immigration draws to invite more people to submit permanent residence applications.

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