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LMIA to support Permanent Residency

LMIA to support Permanent Residency

LMIA to support Permanent Residency

Employers who wish to hire skilled foreign workers and support their permanent resident visa application can get an LMIA and make a job offer under Express Entry system if job offer meets the criteria under one of the following economic programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
    Note: Under the FSTP, the employment offer can be made by up to two employers
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

The foreign worker is awarded 50-200 CRS points (based on NOC code) for LMIA based job offer.

10 +

Years Of Experience

10000 +

Successful Applications

LMIA to support permanent residency application

This LMIA is used to support permanent residency application of foreign national. Here employer hires the skilled foreign national only after their immigration application is processed and permanent residency is approved. This option does not have a processing fee.

LMIA to support both permanent residency & work permit application

If employers wish to hire skilled foreign national temporarily while their application for permanent residence is being processed by IRCC. Then employer can apply for a dual intent LMIA. This option requires paying the processing fee. These dual intent LMIAs can be used to support the foreign nationals’ application to IRCC for a:

  • Permanent resident application; and
  • Temporary work permit

Important Points

  • The employer is not required to submit a transition plan under this stream.
  • LMIA can be applied under both (high-wage & low-wage) streams.
  • The job offer must be for at least one year of full-time work under NOC 0, A or B.

How Can X can help?

  • The LMIA rules, regulations and requirements are subject to frequent changes. These changes deal with different categories of jobs, duration, exemptions etc. Continuous research, attention to detail and painstaking hard work is required to obtain a positive LMIA. We help in assessment of our client’s profile and advice them on their eligibility to get an LMIA.
  • We also assist our clients/employers with the advertisement posting.
  • We help Canadian employers for applying Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) application and legally representing them before ESDC during the procedure.

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