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The international education sector is booming after a challenging period of uncertainty and change. In most parts of the world, borders are open. Most pandemic restrictions have been lifted. Once again, students are on the move, looking abroad to further their education and careers. An increase in the number of applications is being seen among universities and colleges internationally as restrictions are being lifted. The most prominent aspect of a country’s economy is its international students. Post-pandemic has led to a drastic change in the competition between countries to attract international students to their education systems. Governments around the world are adopting new strategies to attract international students, such as financial support, student safety, health benefits, and comforts.

The state of international education

According to the data, the Canadian government processed more than 550,000 new student visa applications in 2021, easily exceeding the record 425,000 processed in 2019. New measures in 2022 proved to be the accelerating measure that resulted in a higher number of sales than in 2019 and proved to be the economic remedy for 2021’s lost sales. This growing trend of international students is not just observed in Canada, but also in other countries like the UK, Australia, the USA, etc., which provides international students with a variety of choices.

Student Visa Approval rates

Countries are experiencing a stagnant decline in student visa approval rates. However, a significant number of students are denied student visas in Canada and the US. Slowing approval rates are due to the shadow of COVID-19, but a slight increase has been seen this year (2022), due to the relaxation of measures and many pending application approvals, but still, a high increase is expected.

Processing delays is a big setback for students

There is a delay in the processing time for student visa approval due to a huge amount of applications. This puts students in a bind in terms of where to go and what to do next. This interferes with their work and studies.

According to reports, Canada’s total backlog reached 2.1 million in June, primarily due to the government’s efforts to relocate refugees from the Ukraine war crisis. During the backlog period, the average processing time for student visas increased from 7 to 11 weeks in 2019 to 11-13 weeks in 2022. There were some countries that experienced longer delays during this period.

Student visa interview wait times in the US have consistently risen over the past year but fell sharply in September. UK government efforts to support Ukrainian refugees have contributed to the backlog, according to the government. However, on a positive note, the government is also making significant efforts to clear up these backlogs and get back on track. This is evidenced by recent reports of a significant increase in processing times.

The IMF data

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) revised its global growth forecast for next year to 2.7%, down 0.2% points from its summer projection. According to IMF the 2023 forecast is the weakest growth profile since 2001 except for the global financial crisis and the acute phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Future of International Education

The return of safe travel will encourage international students to pursue their education abroad, as well as provide more options and destinations than ever before. Meanwhile, India is home to the world’s largest young adult population, surpassing 150 million in 2020. In spite of the fact that India’s young adult population is expected to decline slightly over the next 30 years, by 2030 India is expected to be the world’s largest middle-class consumer market. The rise of the middle class in India will increase the number of Indian students who are considering studying abroad in the future.

As an ultimate point of attraction for students, Canada’s Post-Graduation work permit will be a hammer blow to the COVID-19 crisis, as it allows foreign graduates to stay and work in Canada for a period of eight months up to three years, depending upon the length of their study program. In a recent survey of recruitment partners, 97% of them agreed that Canada is a country with a high number of job opportunities for international students after graduation.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has also highlighted the vital importance of mobility to international education as one of the most significant aspects of what universities do best for mankind: promoting basic research, encouraging scientific experimentation and innovation, and developing future leaders.


Why Study in Canada?

The high standard of living and affordable tuition in Canada attracts international students. Moreover, students can take advantage of some of the best and most exciting courses available in Canada. The country also has a healthy environment, high salaries, and easy access to work permits in addition to its incredible job opportunities. Obtaining permanent residency in Canada after graduation makes it a popular destination for international students.

How Can X can help ?

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