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Cost of Living in Canada

Cost of Living in Canada

Cost of Living in Canada

Canada is one of the world’s most popular destinations for international students due to its prestigious universities, vivid student cities and a well-organized lifestyle. Cost of living in Canada encompasses tuition, accommodation, transportation, and health care charges which vary across all provinces. International students can evaluate their options and make an informed decision after considering the cost of living in “The Great White North”.

Tuition Fee

Academic Institutes in Canada (may it be Universities or Colleges) set their own fees, which vary depending on several factors like province, program tenure, field of study, undergraduate or postgraduate level and international or home student. On an average $32,019 CAD is tuition of International undergraduate courses, while tuition for graduate course is $19,252 CAD.

Canadian and International tuition fees by level of study

Province Tuition Fee 2020 / 2021 (CAD)
International undergraduate International graduate
Alberta $27,404 $14,683
British Columbia $28,240 $20,233
Manitoba $17,099 $11,558
New Brunswick $16,744 $12,374
Newfoundland and Labrador $11,983 $4,089
Nova Scotia $19,639 $21,780
Ontario $40,724 $25,112
Prince Edward Island $21,093 $10,278
Quebec $26,147 $17,689
Saskatchewan $20,636 $6,496


The cost of living is highly influenced by the choice international students make to either stay on-campus or off-campus. Students need to apply separately for on-campus residences in many Canadian universities. The cost varies on various factors like private or shared room, with or without meal plan, and location of college or university.

There are many housing options off-campus to choose from in Canada, and they have an equally diverse price range. When students rent an apartment or studio off-campus, it comes with extra costs such as basic utilities (electricity, water, heating, garbage) $150 CAD/month and internet $50-$70 CAD/month.

Housing Options Cost in CAD/month
Student residences $250 – $625
University-arranged homestays $400 – $800
Rent & share an apartment $300 – $700
Rent studio/one-room apartment Over $1,000


Cost of transportation depend on the distance student needs to travel to reach the university / college. There are many ways to get around in Canada, the most popular choice of international students in public transportation such as buses, subways, commuter trains, ferries. Private transport is also an option, but it is comparatively expensive. International students can benefit from purchasing a monthly transportation pass which ranges from $80 to $150 CAD/month.


All International students should get health insurance or medical coverage before or just after landing in Canada. Many provinces cover international student under their public provincial health care plan depending on the length of stay. Healthcare charges generally include doctor visitation, medical specialists, hospital stays and medical procedures. Dental care, prescription eyeglasses, non-prescription drugs and ambulance service are generally not included in public health care plans. Students can also opt for private health care plans, but they are generally more expensive.

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How Can X can help?

Canada is not just a preferred choice by students for pursuing world class education but also offers an exciting opportunity to experience life and lessons beyond their front door.  Can X assist its clients throughout their immigration journey starting from obtaining a study permit to settling in Canada.

Program Selection

One of the most important considerations of your study permit application is program choice. Each study program has different set of requirements. We help clients in opting suitable courses and/or programs based on their educational background, work experience, interest, and long-term goals.

Letter of Acceptance (LOA)

Upon choosing a program, we help clients in obtaining a letter of acceptance from a Canadian designated learning institution (DLI) which is mandatory to apply for a study permit.

Apply for a Study Permit

After receiving the acceptance letter, we prepare and submit the student visa application on behalf of our clients to Canadian immigration.

Pre-arrival services

As every case is different, it is always beneficial to consult with a student-visa expert. We at Can X, with our pre-arrival services, enable our clients to prepare themselves for their journey ahead in Canada. Below are some of the services that we provide considering their short-term and long-term goals:

  • Recommend an appropriate program to apply, based on your current educational status and aspirations, and check your eligibility.
  • Check all the requirements for the study program such as minimum qualification, IELTS score etc.
  • Verify the cost of living and tuition fees based on the province/city and study program.
  • Prepare your application and advise you on the documentation and format for hassle free application processing.
  • Review the application with attention to minute details.
  • Check that your acceptance letter is from a designated learning institution.
  • Assess whether the chosen study program awards you with open work permit.
  • Analyze the value addition of chosen study program in your immigration journey
  • Look out for future employment opportunities in the job market.
  • Evaluate points that your study program will add to your Express Entry/PNP application.
Post-arrival services

We assist our clients who aspire to settle and work in Canada through our immigration services such as SP extension, Open Work Permit of Spouse, parents’ visitor visa, PNP and PR etc.

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