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What to do if your application is assigned to an Inactive Immigration Officer

Mismanagement has put nearly 60,000 applications in processing limbo, according to a recent Access to Information and Privacy request. Officers in consulates around the world were assigned active cases, including those from Indian, United States, Philippine, and Brazil airports, border ports, and processing centres.

Following CBC News’ story about how Canada’s immigration department assigned thousands of applications to inactive employees and placeholder codes, the department explained its processing system. In an Access to Information request earlier this year, CBC requested information on all inactive employees and placeholder codes assigned to applicants. Data from IRCC’s Global Case Management System (GCMS) – the worldwide system used to process citizenship and immigration applications – revealed IRCC’s “inactive users” in October. According to the data, there are 59,456 open, pending, or re-opened applications assigned to 779 codes.

There were 9,540 applications assigned the most heinous code, SM10353. The last time this Sydney, Newfoundland-based placeholder or former employee used the system was on March 23, 2021. Among the others are:

  • TD7976, an Ottawa-based company with 5,782 assigned applications, last logged in in October 2020.
  • The most recent login for Edmonton-based TH04332, which has 3,937 assigned apps, was in February 2011.
  • About 3,756 applications have been allocated to CB01126, based in Sydney, Newfoundland, and Labrador.
  • With 3,388 assigned applications to CB00580, situated in Edmonton, last logged in in January 2012.
  • The last login for RK01404, based in India, had 2,201 assigned applications, was in March 2021.
  • With 2,167 assigned applications, CA9999, situated in Edmonton, last logged in in August 2015.
  • With 1,897 assigned applications, Sydney, Newfoundland-based LB6660 last logged in in December 2016.
  • RA9519, a Vancouver-based with 1,864 assigned applications, last logged in in February 2016.
  • With 1,710 assigned applications, RL7901, situated in Ottawa, last logged in in November 2015.
  • D9151, an Edmonton-based company with 1,702 assigned applications, last logged in in August 2013.

What are ‘placeholder’?

Inactive users’ codes are described as “placeholders,” “catchment areas,” “group reference numbers,” and “batch codes” by the IRCC. Both terms refer to queues for holding applications waiting for the next stage of processing. This is the equivalent of a mailbox in an office building. Depending on their expertise and line of business, immigration officers pull files from these “mailbox” bins.

What happens when someone is assigned an inactive code?

If a file is assigned to one of these bins, it is waiting for an employee to work on it. Suppose an immigration officer comes in to review a permanent residency (PR) application, for instance. It goes back into a bin and waits for another officer at one of IRCC’s partners abroad, like its New Delhi visa office, to finish the step if more information is needed. A PR application will be placed in a bin again if all steps are approved. Depending on where the applicant is located, the appropriate office would pick it up from the “mailbox,” to finalize the application. There are many types of applications, and that’s just one example. A simple application, such as a visitor visa, may spend less time in line and need fewer officers’ touches. It’s very likely that all applications that enter GCMS at some point will be assigned these placeholder codes.

What is the typical retention period for these bins?

It depends on each case, but officials estimate that applications can remain assigned to these placeholder codes for months at a time. Simple applications like visitor visas may take up to a few hours.

When an employee leaves IRCC, what happens?

It is up to the manager to reassign all active immigration applications to another officer with similar skills when an employee leaves IRCC. IT employees do regular program runs to ensure that anyone who hasn’t logged in for a while isn’t attached to open files if that hasn’t been done before their ID is deactivated. This is referred to as a “failsafe” practice by officials.

What should you do if your application is taking longer than usual?

You can check the processing times for your immigration category to see if your application falls within the normal range. Processing times can be found on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website. If you find yourself in this situation, there are a few things you can try to do.

Apply for GCMS notes

The Global Case Management System (GCMS) is an electronic data management program that is used by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to track the progress of applications from overseas as well as within Canada. In GCMS, immigration officers record their notes and concerns about applications. It is likely that applying for GCMS notes under ATIP will trigger the processing of the application if it is assigned to an “inactive code”.

Submit Case Specific Inquiry

You may submit a Case Specific Inquiry (CSI) to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to inquire about the status of your immigration application or to request that certain issues be addressed. You can submit a CSI through the IRCC’s website. Consider submitting a CSI if you are experiencing delays in the processing of your immigration application. Please provide as much information as possible about the specific reasons for the delay and any circumstances that may have contributed to it. In addition, you should include any correspondence you have received from IRCC. Submission of a CSI does not guarantee expedited processing of your application. However, it may help bring your situation to IRCC’s attention and result in your application being processed more quickly.

Contact IRCC Call Centre

Contacting the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Call Centre may help you to get information about the status of your immigration application or to address any issues or concerns you have about the application process. The IRCC Call Canter can be reached at 1-888-242-2100, Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm local time, excluding statutory holidays. Consider calling early in the morning or using a speakerphone. Note the date and time you called, the agent’s name, and the exact information they provided. Request that the agent email the information they provided. The immigration agent with whom you speak is different from the officer who will review and decide your application.

Contact your local Member of Parliament (MP)

MPs have access to a hotline and email accounts with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (and other government functions). They can use these communication lines to contact IRCC and ask for information. This is especially important if your case seems to have stalled (you have not heard from Immigration for a long time after the estimated wait time), to determine when your case may have been heard. It can sometimes result in your application being resumed if it has been in limbo for far too long without any progress. It is not necessary for you to be a permanent resident or a citizen to access this resource. You may find your local MP by visiting the following site:


Contact IRCC via email

IRCC does not generally respond to email inquiries related to specific immigration applications. Contact the IRCC Call Centre or submit a Case Specific Inquiry (CSI) through the IRCC website if you have specific questions about your application. If all other attempts to resolve the issue have failed, you may consider sending an email to IRCC. For Temporary Resident Visas (TRV) you may email IRCC at [email protected]. Include your family name, given name, Unique Client Identifier (UCI) Number (also referred to as a Client ID Number), application number and date of birth in your email.

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The international education sector is booming after a challenging period of uncertainty and change. In most parts of the world, borders are open. Most pandemic restrictions have been lifted. Once again, students are on the move, looking abroad to further their education and careers. An increase in the number of applications is being seen among universities and colleges internationally as restrictions are being lifted. The most prominent aspect of a country’s economy is its international students. Post-pandemic has led to a drastic change in the competition between countries to attract international students to their education systems. Governments around the world are adopting new strategies to attract international students, such as financial support, student safety, health benefits, and comforts.

The state of international education

According to the data, the Canadian government processed more than 550,000 new student visa applications in 2021, easily exceeding the record 425,000 processed in 2019. New measures in 2022 proved to be the accelerating measure that resulted in a higher number of sales than in 2019 and proved to be the economic remedy for 2021’s lost sales. This growing trend of international students is not just observed in Canada, but also in other countries like the UK, Australia, the USA, etc., which provides international students with a variety of choices.

Student Visa Approval rates

Countries are experiencing a stagnant decline in student visa approval rates. However, a significant number of students are denied student visas in Canada and the US. Slowing approval rates are due to the shadow of COVID-19, but a slight increase has been seen this year (2022), due to the relaxation of measures and many pending application approvals, but still, a high increase is expected.

Processing delays is a big setback for students

There is a delay in the processing time for student visa approval due to a huge amount of applications. This puts students in a bind in terms of where to go and what to do next. This interferes with their work and studies.

According to reports, Canada’s total backlog reached 2.1 million in June, primarily due to the government’s efforts to relocate refugees from the Ukraine war crisis. During the backlog period, the average processing time for student visas increased from 7 to 11 weeks in 2019 to 11-13 weeks in 2022. There were some countries that experienced longer delays during this period.

Student visa interview wait times in the US have consistently risen over the past year but fell sharply in September. UK government efforts to support Ukrainian refugees have contributed to the backlog, according to the government. However, on a positive note, the government is also making significant efforts to clear up these backlogs and get back on track. This is evidenced by recent reports of a significant increase in processing times.

The IMF data

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) revised its global growth forecast for next year to 2.7%, down 0.2% points from its summer projection. According to IMF the 2023 forecast is the weakest growth profile since 2001 except for the global financial crisis and the acute phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Future of International Education

The return of safe travel will encourage international students to pursue their education abroad, as well as provide more options and destinations than ever before. Meanwhile, India is home to the world’s largest young adult population, surpassing 150 million in 2020. In spite of the fact that India’s young adult population is expected to decline slightly over the next 30 years, by 2030 India is expected to be the world’s largest middle-class consumer market. The rise of the middle class in India will increase the number of Indian students who are considering studying abroad in the future.

As an ultimate point of attraction for students, Canada’s Post-Graduation work permit will be a hammer blow to the COVID-19 crisis, as it allows foreign graduates to stay and work in Canada for a period of eight months up to three years, depending upon the length of their study program. In a recent survey of recruitment partners, 97% of them agreed that Canada is a country with a high number of job opportunities for international students after graduation.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has also highlighted the vital importance of mobility to international education as one of the most significant aspects of what universities do best for mankind: promoting basic research, encouraging scientific experimentation and innovation, and developing future leaders.


Why Study in Canada?

The high standard of living and affordable tuition in Canada attracts international students. Moreover, students can take advantage of some of the best and most exciting courses available in Canada. The country also has a healthy environment, high salaries, and easy access to work permits in addition to its incredible job opportunities. Obtaining permanent residency in Canada after graduation makes it a popular destination for international students.

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We are a Canadian firm that helps students secure their study visas. We assist our clients throughout their immigration journey starting from obtaining a study permit to settling in Canada.

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What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about Canada? If it’s Canada’s world-class education, then you’re right on the mark. There is no doubt that Canada is a top destination for students seeking to study abroad. A major reason for Canada’s popularity as a study-abroad destination is its high-quality life. The Canadian education system has consistently been ranked among the top 5 in the world since 2016 (according to QS Top Universities). The Canadian education system is a gold mine for students seeking a world-class education. Canada welcomes students from around the world of all cultures and linguistic backgrounds. This article sheds light on the top reasons why students prefer Canada for higher education.

Education System and Scholarships

Each year, thousands of students migrate to Canada for higher education. Canada’s outstanding education system is one of the primary reasons why students choose Canada for their higher education. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Canada’s education system is improving day by day, resulting in its rising global ranking. Education in Canada is of the highest international standards, developed by the most qualified educators in the world.  Canadian universities offer professional and technical courses in every imaginable field and stream. The training provided by Canadian universities is praised worldwide for its teaching techniques, practical knowledge, and technological advancements. The Canadian government and universities both offer scholarships to students who want to pursue higher education here. These universities provide merit-based scholarships, which are easily accessible to international students as well.

Research Accessibilities

Research and infrastructure values in Canada are among the highest in the world. The research facilities at Canadian universities are among the most advanced in the world. Canada attracts students from around the world with the finest research ideas. If the idea is something novel, certain organizations, companies, and governments are willing to cover the costs.

Eye catching beauty of Canada

The scenic beauty of Canadian universities is the cherry on top for foreign students since it gives them plenty of opportunities to pursue academics and extracurricular activities. It is possible to awaken the inner artist, writer, painter, and many other skills of a student by walking along the roads of Canada. Participating in local writing workshops or artist retreats will allow you to earn knowledge outside of your classroom. In addition to studying, students can enjoy the tranquil beauty of Canada, including the Canadian Rockies, Niagara Falls, and many more heavenly-mimicking views. As a result, students are prepared for upcoming challenges and their minds are refreshed.

Why Study in Canada

The sGlobal Peace Index ranks Canada as one of the world’s safest and most peaceful countries. This ensures that Canadian University pays the utmost attention to its students. There is a special body in Canadian universities dedicated to safeguarding the well-being of international students. Additionally, the Government of Canada pays extreme attention to the safety and well-being of students throughout Canada.

Egalitarian culture of Canada

Regardless of citizenship or ethnicity, all students in Canada have equal access to education. As the epitome of equality, Canada proves that education transcends culture, ethnicity, and country and offers equal opportunities for everyone.   

Job Prospects

Several companies offer well-paying and attractive job packages that can help international students shape their careers. Post-Graduation Work Permits (PGWPs) allows international students to work in Canada for three years after graduation. After one year, they may apply for permanent residency.

Easy Immigration

Bringing young people from abroad to Canada creates opportunities for them to gain meaningful experiences. The immigration process in Canada is one of the easiest in the world for international students. International graduates have many options when it comes to obtaining permanent residency.

Why Study in Canada?

The high standard of living and affordable tuition in Canada attracts international students. Moreover, students can take advantage of some of the best and most exciting courses available in Canada. The country also has a healthy environment, high salaries, and easy access to work permits in addition to its incredible job opportunities. Obtaining permanent residency in Canada after graduation makes it a popular destination for international students.

How Can X can help ?

We are a Canadian firm that helps students secure their study visas. We assist our clients throughout their immigration journey starting from obtaining a study permit to settling in Canada.

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For students from all over the world, Canada is a hotspot for international education. Over the past few years, the country has seen an unprecedented increase in international students. With a well-balanced economy, plenty of employment opportunities, friendly people, and high-quality academic institutions, Canada is a favorite study-abroad destination. Graduates from Canadian universities typically find jobs within six months of graduation.

Working while studying in Canada is one of its major advantages. Canadian international students can work for up to 20 hours per week, and full-time during breaks, without a work permit, which has proven to be an asset in their career as experience is the key to success.

Working hard and grabbing the right opportunities are equally critical, as is carefully choosing a university. Here are the most popular career options for international students.


The study of Business Management has changed the dynamics of global economies and provides students with a deeper understanding of how businesses operate. A center of academic excellence, Canada has some of the most prestigious business schools. Many Canadian colleges and universities offer excellent business programs for international students, including UBC, the University of Alberta, Centennial College, and the University of Toronto. Programs like these can lead to jobs such as business analyst, supply chain manager, product manager, etc.


Engineering is a popular career choice for international students in Canada. Canada is an engineering hub for students traveling to Canada for education, so it is a worthwhile place to pursue a career in engineering. The engineering colleges in Canada are some of the finest in the world. With so many job opportunities in this field and the number of jobs increasing every single day, this makes it an excellent professional choice. With a specialization, you may be able to land a job that is even more high paying.


In Canada, the legal profession is considered one of the most promising careers. There is no doubt that this is a well-paid and respectable job that is in high demand among people. Regardless of whether it is litigation, commercial law, or corporate law, attorneys play an invaluable role in the community and should always be admired by the public. Law is becoming more popular with international students traveling to Canada.


Doctors, nurses, and physicians are some of the most lucrative and respected professions in Canada. Aside from primary healthcare providers, there are numerous other healthcare professions, such as midwives, doulas, and many others, that fall under this category. Canada’s healthcare facilities are highly regarded worldwide. Most medical schools require admission through the MCAT, which is a prerequisite for admission. Students can find high-end jobs after passing license exams and completing a residency. Over the past four years, this profession has grown by 75% and many people are exploring it.

Hospitality & Management

Over the past few years, hospitality and management have seen rapid growth. A growing number of young people are entering the tourism industry in Canada, which has proven very lucrative. Students from around the world apply to these programs. As a student, you have the opportunity to pursue a variety of Canadian degrees. In addition to receiving an industry-relevant diploma in Hospitality and Management, as well as an advanced diploma, you will gain valuable skills that will serve you well in the long run.

As well as the above-mentioned fields, Canada offers a broad range of career options for budding students who wish to pursue their education in the country. Scholars have often said that Canada is an ocean of opportunities, and the more you dive into it, the more pearls you find.

How Can X can help?

We are a Canadian firm that helps students secure their study visas. We assist our clients throughout their immigration journey starting from obtaining a study permit to settling in Canada.

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There is no doubt that Canada offers one of the largest pools of higher education in the world. This
includes courses ranging from MBA, hotel management, health science and IT to a plethora of other
courses. If you are also experiencing this dilemma, our article can help you find a solution.

Students from all around the world are attracted to Canada due to the quality of its education. The
universities of Canada all offer excellent programs, recognized degrees, and the most advanced
courses. A few of the most popular majors are Project Management, Computer Science,
Medicine and Health, Media Studies, Early Childhood Education, and Hospitality and Tourism. As the
industry expands, there are more and more employment opportunities, making it easier for upcoming
generations to learn, earn, and settle in Canada.

Business Management

The international work experience and promising career prospects of this degree have made it one of
the most popular degrees in Canada. The MBA will open up new employment possibilities, expose
you to diverse business networks, give you new skills, and provide a broader understanding of
business. Over the past few decades, MBA programs have become increasingly popular among
international students. It is still a dream for many international students to pursue a Master of
Business Administration from one of Canada’s top universities. Many Canadian universities offer MBA
programs in different specializations with scholarships available for both full-time and part-time study.
Students can learn all the latest tactics for overcoming all the challenges an organization faces.

IT, Computer Science and Engineering

A master’s degree in computer science is among the most prestigious in Canada, but it requires
higher grades and scores from international students. Information Systems Analyst, Database Analyst
or Analyst, Data Science, Software Engineer, Computer Programmer, Web Designer and Developer,
and Cybersecurity expert are the most popular courses to study in Canada in the IT and Computer
Science categories.

The number of engineering jobs in Canada has increased over the years, with more active
participation in recent years. Engineers are in high demand, which means there are many job
opportunities available to them. Engineering is one of the most popular majors in Canada. A
professional engineer can choose from many career options after completing this course. Canadian
universities offer a wide variety of engineering degrees, such as
mechanical engineering, petroleum engineering, mining engineering, and computer
systems engineering. To help students develop the right mindset and mindset that ideally suits
engineers, engineering students receive hands-on instruction from experienced professors and
teachers. Canada has the most prestigious universities in the world according to the Accreditation
Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).

Health, Biosciences, Biotechnology, and Pharmacy

Life and biological sciences are diverse, interdisciplinary, and interesting fields. This field requires
determination, courage, and expertise. They require a high degree of qualification and practice in
working with the human body. It is also an area of ​​focus for research. In healthcare you should look
for scholarships for a PhD. Other research-based courses on remedies. Health and medical are long
time favourites to choose from not only in Canada, but everywhere. Candidates seeking admission to
the healthcare sector or medicine can apply by choosing a medical major such as biotechnology,
nursing, pharmacy, life sciences, or bioinformatics.

Graduates in the medical field are always in demand in Canada. Among the careers that these courses allow students to pursue are Doctors, Health Policy Specialists, Respiratory Therapists, and
Healthcare Managers. Greater emphasis is being placed on the healthcare system by the Canadian
government. Canada is a preferred study location for international students from all over the world
due to its rigorous medical education program.

With Canada taking the top spot as a study abroad destination, you need to find the course that best
fits your educational background and mindset. For this reason, you must follow the proper process to
get the best courses in Canada. In addition to the courses above, you can also choose Hospitality
Management, Dentistry and Digital Marketing.

Why Study in Canada

A high standard of living and affordable tuition is some of the reasons why international students
choose to study in Canada. Students can also take advantage of the finest and most exciting courses
that are available in Canada, as well as the best faculty. Aside from the incredible Canadian job
opportunities, the country has an overall healthy environment, high salaries, and easy access to work

The fact that obtaining permanent residency in Canada is easy after graduation makes it a popular
destination for international students.

How Can X can help ?

We are a Canadian firm that helps students secure their study visas. We assist our clients throughout
their immigration journey starting from obtaining a study permit to settling in Canada.
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